Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Emotional Inspiration Part 1 - What are you listening to lately?

Without meaning to spam slipknot stuff they are a band that’s been in the front of my consciousness lately for one reason. They’re what I’ve been listening to lately.

This kind of infatuation that is developed is something of a key to understanding the state of your condition.

The song that you listen to today is the song that’s stuck in your head tomorrow. Sometimes there are events that remind you of a song and it gets in your head again. Other times, and this is the interesting part, sometimes when you listen to a song it jogs associated emotional patterns and memories.

But this is the really cool thing. It’s not sometimes. It’s all the time. Your emotions are affected more by your sensory input than your thoughts about the sensory input. Its why people are more prone to act on their emotions than their rationale.

Granted some people are more into different kinds of sensory input. Smell is famous for being an extremely effective emotional memory catalyst. But just about any sensory stimulation will invoke an associated emotion if that thing, or something similar, has been experienced before.

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