Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wait and Bleed

What a way to start a new dystopian style blog about enlightenment than with a song that i feel sets the tone of this new venture. This isn't going to be about feeling good. Its not going to be a blog about being nice. Its going to be a blog about harsh honesty in the form of supreme self destruction.

Destruction of the fundamental mental construct ruling and ruining your life. Seeing its not a real thing is great. After that is the destruction of all that remains. All your happy and nice feelings about the world and everything in it are as equally false and damaging as the things that you loathe and fear.

Everything you love and all things you revere only hold that significance because its what you imbue it with in your head. I have no interest in niceties. My only interest is the utter destruction of all you hold dear and your motivations for holding it in such high regard.

This is the ultimate self destruction. The end of holding up pretty words like they are made of purest gold and taking them to pieces to see what their actual significance is.

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