Thursday, June 23, 2011

Make No Idols

Ciaran is nothing but a peer. Even conversations about how he's not special will put it in your head that he must be special because he gets this kind of conversation. Nix that shit ASAP. He's a peer, nothing more.

“I'm not sure I'll manage that until I get as good as Ciaran. But then again, I will get as good as Ciaran, so it's only a temporary problem.”

You’re already as good as he is. He’s nothing even remotely special.

It is fucking easy to free people when you actually have people to free.

It’s fucking easy. But ignoring shit is paramount. Not engaging with it. And instead saying
"Yeah, but do this". GATE GATE GATE GATE GATE.

You don't have to engage with all the crap someone says. That’s how you have an interesting conversation. This isn’t about having an interesting conversation. It’s fundamentally about dispelling myths and beliefs. It’s far more important that their minds are taken off distractions exactly like “having an interesting conversation.”

Defeating an argument is all well and good. But it’s not the goal of what you do and will only leave the target feeling defeated and quite likely bitter at you and therefore retreat rather than engage.

“Martin, does that actually work? Can't they then just dismiss you as someone who won't talk to them properly?”

That’s where there is finesse.

On Ruthless Truth forums it’s entirely at your whim. I literally used to go like this:
Slave: "<Insert inane postulate>"
Me: “DISTRACTION” and point back to the gate.
And you have no chance of them walking away simply because of the atmosphere of the RT forums. It’s why they're so spikey. The atmosphere of the place screams for attention like fuck.

It’s a direct ego challenge and to the ego bound it’s pretty much impossible to resist going back. It’s why i ALWAYS say "they'll be back", because they always are, unless they're free.

Irritatingly freeing someone makes it a relatively simple feat for them to just walk away. But that’s where we're playing law of averages on the forums really

But that’s the forums. Outside of the forums is a different game. Out on other forums on the internet, in chat dialogues with random strangers, in dialogues with other people it’s kind of different purely because it’s out of context.

But you don't even need to be that spikey for the same effect elsewhere. 1 on 1 works best for actually freeing people for the simple reason that you don't have a bunch of dickheads agreeing with the status quo. There’s no social acceptability to escape into just because it’s more comfortable.

Such is the state of honesty on a larger scale that most would rather nod along with the status quo than engage with an idea that is foreign to them.

The day Ciaran freed four people it was all 1 on 1 in chats.

Actually every story from every arbitrary enlightened guy, enlightening someone else, hasn't been in satsang. It’s been in 1 on 1 session. Adyashanti tells the story of a dying cancer patient that woke up, in the face of their own death, as a result of him visiting them in their home. This paradigm existed because in that scenario there's no way to look to someone else for acceptance of that person’s paradigm of reality.

That’s what is craved by the asleep. It’s actually what other enlightened people are criticising when they criticise how RT does things as a group. This is why it’s important for you, on an individual basis, to know you’re not doing that yourself and that’s also why cutting people out when they’re on RT is sometimes so effective. They become excluded from even the validation they receive by being ripped on.

So what do you do when you don't have that advantage? How do you stop people dismissing you for not engaging with their arguments then?

Basically, I’m not a fan of the forum incursion method, quite a controversial position to hold around RT, but i see serious flaws in that method. What Stephen did that got him a lot of kills away from RT though is excellent.

What got Stephen kills was that he would do this:
Slave: "Here's the story of my life" on some random forum
Stephen: "Wow, great story man, here's a link to my blog"

Trolling and mass incursions like what we did to bentinho are excellent. But not because they really freed anyone, they do one thing. It raises awareness that there's another way. That there’s someone else doing the enlightenment thing without the frills and niceness that everyone’s wrapped around it. I’m sure we’ve all experienced the nicer aspects of enlightenment, but they’re consequential, not a way to it.

Where Stephen has done a few liberations out on his own he’s done them mainly in the comments to his blog. Comments he got by putting his blog out there in the above example on forums.

But my point is that you don’t NEED to be in the Ruthless Arena by any means to HAVE the Ruthless Arena.

As a liberator your job isn't to be a philosopher. It’s not to be a psychologist. It’s not to be a teacher. It’s not any kind of conventional label that really has any cohesive meaning. Your job is the deduction of reality, even if that means deducing that you don't or can’t know something and responding to situations in that way. This is fundamentally what’s called “right action”, thoughtless but reasoned purposeful action.

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